Sunday, July 25, 2010

Love at first sight

Four months ago as I walked past one of my favourite stores I was stopped short when I saw the display in their window. A honey-coloured armoire positioned just off-centre, it's double doors wide open to reveal a cavernous space within boasting two shelves and above that a square rod for hanging clothes. And to make it even more perfect it has three very capacious drawers.
I did not hesitate to walk in and inquire about this wonderful piece of furniture. Not as expensive as I had imagined; possibly because it is not very old (over ten years) and the owner of the shop tells me that it might be M. The dreaded M word, I did not want to hear that. When I envisioned buying an armoire in a dusty, out of the way antique store, it would be a hundred year old from Italy or England made from oak or chestnut. So I thanked her for her time and left.
I thought about it for four months. It is a very solid armoire that does need some refurbishing; all that black wrought iron has to go. There are many screws that have to be removed and the drawers need to be adjusted. I love the pine, always have loved pine but one of these days it may get a new look. I always said that I would never buy anything made in this country (M) which has me rethinking to never say never.

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