Monday, April 30, 2012

Our favourite walk

This is our favourite walk in Naramata through the orchards and vineyards across the Andrew McCulloch trestle. Farmers busy spraying and pruning, bikers whipping past us, and quail everywhere exploding from the underbrush and crossing our path diving into the grass on the other side.

The Cottage

Our home away from home for the weekend; a stone cottage right on the edge of a cherry orchard with a wonderful view of the lake and the sunset. We had our own private outdoor patio and another on the lawn for sunbathing.

In the morning we were awakened by a couple of dueling roosters; so much nicer then an alarm clock. And for their services, we rewarded them with all our scraps. One night it was Greek, the next day it was burgers from the pub. They enjoyed it all.

The stone cottage was a wonderful mix of the best (comfy bed) and a great collection of mahogany furniture, woven rugs, and family antiques.

First stop: Peachland

We went from a snowy summit to the beach at Peachland in the space of minutes. Everyone and their dog out for a walk along the lake or sitting at a cafe. We stopped at Bliss Bakery and picked up dessert for later on; sinfully sweet lemon meringue tarts.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bluebirds and whiskey

After a breakfast like the one we had, the only thing to do was hike the trail up to the radio tower. And we were lucky again to spot a couple of bluebirds flying around halfway up the mountain. 
I was so energized after the walk that I mulched the garlic with a top dressing of our very own rich, black compost.
For dinner I tried a new recipe - Peach-Whiskey Chicken from Ree Drummond's new book. This is absolutely lip-smacking wonderful. The recipe calls for a bottle of bbq sauce so I made my own which is probably why this turned out so good, plus I poured in half a bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey. It is served over mashed spuds and we used local russets.

Mallorcan breakfast