Sunday, September 12, 2010

My last post?

Have been quite preoccupied with other things so the blog suffers - no time for picture taking. But we always have time for the Farmers Market. This will be our last Saturday one before we leave so we stocked up on all sorts of goodies.
We have been enjoying melons from Armstrong, apples from Oliver, local swiss chard, blackberries and cucumbers.
Saturday night dinner with a dear friend (again no photos). Italian, lots of wine, and great conversation.
Sunday morning I tried a new pancake recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. As I mixed it all up I had my doubts because it just didn't look like my normal pancakes. Plus they were difficult to flip. But once they were done and they were drenched in hot maple syrup, they disappeared so fast that I didn't even have time to get my camera. Another keeper to add to my collection.

This might be my last post; our computer is on it's last legs and the new one will be here any day now. But hopefully I will try and blog from across the ocean. Ciao.

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Stephanie said...

lots of wine, amazing food... the best part? you two ladies! hope your having a fabulous time in Italy! Miss you, love ya