Monday, March 7, 2011

The 'F' word

This is one of my favourite foods - pickled eggplant.
Then you've got your absolutely wonderful chick peas and homemade sausages.
Add the aforementioned absolutely wonderful chick peas to homemade tomato sauce with fresh spaghetti and Bob's your Zio.
Fluffy pancakes are a great way to start the morning when you are snowed in.
The famous Deruta egg salad sans mayo or oil - great stuff.
Risotto naturally follows a roast turkey dinner, every time.
A little colour to minimize the glare from all that snow.
And what nugget of truth did I glean from this latest trip to the centre of the province? There is always room for Jello!

1 comment:

Tonia said...

always room for a Jello parfait apparently! What's that line again, Ogres are like parfait? Or is it that they like parfait? No wait, that's onions ;P