Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot Sunday

It was one of those very hot days where even the birds were either sitting dazed on the lawn or flying about, back and forth, through the lattice on the deck, probably wondering why the bird bath was empty (I felt so bad that I had forgotten to fill it this morning before traipsing off to the fleamarket). And it was so hot that I forgot to take pictures at the market of all the great things I found but did not buy ( you might remember all the de-cluttering of the old kitchen because the new kitchen is much smaller) like the Pepsi Cola box from 1967 which had been repaired but she would not take my offer of thirty dollars to her asking price of fifty. Still great fun going to the market just to look.

But who needs a Pepsi Cola box when you've got a view like this to enjoy every night?

1 comment:

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

$50.00 for a wooden Pepsi Box??
That's way too high.

Lucky you for getting such beautiful shots of the birds.

Have a wonderful weekend.
I hope it cools down a bit