Friday, December 7, 2012

The shell box

Over the years I have used my collection of seashells sparingly knowing that once I run out I can't just go down to my local beach and get more. One of my favourite projects is the matching bedside lamps that we made, a really fun collaboration between Mr. Cowboy and myself. He made the wood bases and did the electrical. Choosing shells from my collection from Haida Gwaii (I spent hours beachcombing) I encrusted the rectangular pine forms with all sorts of shells. These are true works of art because I did not spend a lot of time in the thought process, I just glued the shells on and that was it. But for the box I designed in the above picture, it took me hours to pick through a new collection of tiny shells that I bought at the Auction House in Penticton. Once I decided on the center medallion, the rest was easy.

The inside of the vintage box is lined with cork and painted a robin's egg blue.
Photographed at Art We Are.

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