Monday, September 30, 2013


We have driven past it so many times; the Italian stone house made by the same Italian that built La Punta Norte, but if the weather had been warmer, lunch under the pergola would have been a nice change from IL Vecchio.

It was jacket and touque and gloves weather so it was a quick walk to the look out after lunch.

It's just like Italy; you check-in and have breakfast at the main hotel but your room is down the street.

We had a great walk along the trestle through the vineyards and orchards; our eyes feasting on the abundance of fruit ready to be harvested.

A walk through the village while we waited for our pizza, checking out houses and gardens and vignettes that make this little spot so unique.

We started each day at the Heritage Inn with a breakfast that almost rivalled the ones we had in Italy when we stayed in Levanto and were hiking the Cinque Terre. Prosciutto, croissants, raw milk cheddar, home made jam, fruit platter, crispy bacon, farm eggs, freshly baked bread, muesli, and lots of freshly brewed chocolatey coffee.