Monday, December 29, 2014

Before and after

We were gifted this homemade pine box a few Christmases ago; it was filled with scratchies so it was a big hit with a certain person. But it had been gathering dust on my studio shelves until this past month. First I painted it all white except the inside.

The first side was done with some of my favourite buttons.

Pennies were my choice for the second side.

Seashells, driftwood, and a tiny bit of sea glass for the third side.

My favourite childhood game, pick-up sticks, for the fourth side.

On the lid I decoupaged some of my most colourful stamps and added an empty thread spool from England.
On the inside of the lid I glued down one of my favourite prints. 
The inside of the box is left as is except for a square of cork on the bottom.
I used over-sized dice for the feet of the box.
This now sits on our coffee table filled with all sorts of paraphernalia that would otherwise litter the table.

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