Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy weekend

For us it was a very busy weekend what with Father's Day on Sunday and Valodya's birthday on Monday. First thing Saturday morning we picked up some spinach, swiss chard and strawberries at the Farmer's Market and then breakfast at Cowboy Coffee. Our search for ordinary red bricks so Valodya could finish a project he started last summer proved futile. And rain barrels are hard to find also.
At my favourite thrift store I picked up a mini dresser - the stamp on the back reads Prehistoric Gardens, Oregon.
Sunday morning we were up early to harvest the lavender; I now have 25 bundles hanging to dry in my sewing room. The sweet-smelling bundles fill the room with a calming scent.
As per his request, I made a black forest cake on Sunday and an apple pie on Monday for my favourite guy.

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Millie said...

Just love your lavender bunches Anna! Yes, they say the aroma has a truly calming effect on our brain. Enjoy your beautiful Summer days.
Millie ^_^