Thursday, June 18, 2009

My favourite flowers

We had such a welcoming rain shower last night; yes, there was thunder and lightning but we definitely needed a bit of a cool down even though it only lasted a matter of minutes. My feverfew is doing really well in the back garden (the peonies are from the Italian guy at the farmers market) so I filled my favourite pitcher (Vallance Pottery) with a bouquet of the tiny daisies and took it to work. Sweet looking flowers and they'll cure your migraines.


Anonymous said...

Cara Anna,

I see you too are preparing for the longest night of the year. Enjoy! Bacione e buon week-end! Ingrid in Umbria

annechovie said...

How beautiful, Anna!

Marisa said...

That mini-dresser is adorable! I think I had a similar one when I was a kid.