Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday collage

These are called Country Inn Pancakes and they are from the Chef at Home cookbook by Michael Smith. Very simple, very basic recipe but good tasting. Another one to add to my collection.

You walk in the door and the aroma of baking bread greets you - everything that happened for the past seven hours is erased from your memory bank as the aroma of warm, yeasty bread transports you to another time and place where this was a weekly occurence. Finally, I have tried the no-knead method.
I did the easy part yesterday, mixing the dough for 30 seconds. Mr Cowboy actually made the Stecca loaves today using olives and the cherry and pear tomatoes from the garden. There was barely anything left after dinner, a dinner of homemade sausages, cheese, and lots of Ruffino.

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