Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas

Last night was Christmas for us as I prepare to head up north. Mr Cowboy roasted our first ever fresh organic turkey. It was the best turkey I have ever eaten. With his Mom's cranberry sauce and chocolate brown gravy, it was quite the feast.
Today the girls made the traditional cranberry sour cream pound cake for me. This cake travels really well.

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a visit to Pine Street.
This year I finally used the huge copper snowflake cookie cutters. I used Martha Stewart's recipe and it is great. One reason I like it is that black pepper is one of the spices in the cookies and I love black pepper.
Little surprises are always nice. I now have new earrings to wear for Christmas. Not just any earrings, these are button earrings. Thank you so much,Shelly. And Merry Christmas to everyone.

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