Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend collage

From my favourite thrift store, months ago, but just using it now for the first time, just to brighten the table.
Sometimes Mr. Cowboy surprises himself and us with his culinary skills; these meatballs with gravy were fantastic.

Sunday morning we awoke to a quiet world, new snow blanketing the hills and trees and the birdfeeder. We were enclosed in the clouds and it was dreamy.
It's not summer which is the only time I have pesto from my own garden but did you know that it comes in a jar?
An early Christmas present for Mr. Cowboy, a place to lounge and take a nap after all the gruelling hours spent in the kitchen.
A lovely plant for the dining room in my favourite shade of white.

Bucatini is my favourite pasta so I tried a new recipe; roasted butternut squash in a white sauce with lots of cheese plus sage from the garden and a sprinkling of pecans. It is a keeper!

The tree is up thanks to the girls for doing all the work. This last picture, which did not turn out too well, is one of the most beautiful ornaments that we have on the tree.

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