Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Platters

I was the chief cook and bottle washer this weekend; lamb was on the menu for Saturday night along with roasted parsnips and mushy peas with onions.
But Sunday night I went all out and tried a new recipe from an old issue of Gourmet. Chipotle Meatballs with Mango Pomegranate Guacamole with sticky rice. This was so good! And both times I used my Deruta platter for serving reminding us of our wonderful trip to Italy.
De-clutter and save money; that is my New Year mantra but I could not resist this huge tin. The lid is a little tricky to get off so I suggested to my favourite Sparkie that this would make an excellent lamp base. I'm sure that once he's had time to think about it, he will see that I am right.
Cherry crisp.Yes,I used canned cherries but with lots of oats and pecans, it was quite tasty.
You can never have enough candles. I favour beeswax candles to any other and when I run out of candle-holders, I use what ever is around the house.


Julia said...

There is so much in this post to comment on--so much to coo and ooh over. The candle holder is brilliant, the guacamole sounds divine and your crisp looks delicious!

Lesliejm said...

Love the tin and candle holder, and the platter (with the meals on it) looks great too!