Sunday, April 17, 2011

Perfect day!

It was sad but I was glad to do it; making tomato sauce with the last jar of home canned tomatoes for Maura's visit home.
And for this dinner I made Stuffed Jumbo Pasta Shells - a recipe from Lucinda Scala Quinn from Martha Stewart living.
This is a keeper recipe, one that I would make again. With the shells I made a mixed green salad and calabrese buns and we toasted the day with a nice red - Dogajolo Toscano. Funny thing is I bought the bottle of wine because of the label but it turned out to be a perfect pairing with the shells.
For dessert I made a rhubarb and strawberry crisp with lots of oats and brown sugar. Just the thing to have after a hailstorm.
And just when you thought the day could not get any better, the Canucks won Game 3 over the Blackhawks by a score of 3-2.

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Italo said...

The dessert looks delicious, dogajolo?? I didn't know it.
Ciao!!!!!! Nice to read you again.