Thursday, November 3, 2011

Master Thesis: Tiramisu

1. How long should the lady fingers soak in the coffee-booze mixture?
2. If they have not absorbed enough of the liquid, it will be difficult to cut through the dessert with a fork. Left too long, it all becomes mush.
3. Having consulted numerous research papers, a definitive answer is hard to find; most are vague and leave it all to guess work on your part.
4. The best methodology would be to set-up several mixtures of strong coffee and liquor such as Marsala and Grand Marnier. The lady fingers are immersed, the timers are set at one minute intervals, and forks at the ready to taste test each one.
5. Never again will you have to guess at a crucial part of an iconic dessert such as this; you will confidently serve your guests without worrying about the embarrassing moment when the fork meets the layers of cheese, cream, and well-soaked savoiardi.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

this looks so yummy!

is there a lactose-free recipe?

Marisa said...

I've always been too scared to try to make this. Your version looks pretty impressive.

Tonia said...

ah, so this is what my master's thesis should be about...I'll inform my supervisor pronto ;P