Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Theo's in Penticton is a great place if you are craving Greek. There is no lasagna on their menu; we know, we checked. So after I explained to the waiter that Mr. Cowboy had his heart set on Italian, he kindly directed us to another Greek place down the street that makes awful lasagna; we know, we tried it.

But if you want a great burger, the Pub in Naramata is the place to get it. And while you're waiting for your food, the pull-tabs are great fun, especially when you win.

For a special dessert, The Heritage Inn is the place to satisfy your sweet tooth. The Double Fudge Chocolate Torte made with out flour is really rich but they off set that richness with a rhubarb compote, add coffee and a shot of sambuca and you can't  go wrong. I had Lemon and Basil Creme Brulee; absolutely delightful with a couple of cappuccinos.

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