Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend collage

Friday night - A realtor showing our house at 5 and our company couldn't make it because of all the snow. But despite all that we had a fantastic dinner, a dinner that had been planned especially for our visitors. We started with drinks and spiced nuts. We feasted on Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon with buttered noodles, escarole salad, and sourdough bread. The plates were licked clean.

Saturday morning - Breakfast consisted of pyrahi with lots of melted butter and dollops of sour cream. Pottery sale downtown; I did not buy any pottery but Maura found a really neat mug (sorry no pictures). Hurried to the airport where we are told that the flight is delayed. But we did get to see the CT-155 Hawk that flew over the city yesterday.

Sunday morning - We had to leave the house at 10 this morning for another showing. We picked up breakfast at Redbeard Roasters on Tranquille and headed to McArthur Island. As we walked around the island the 419 Squadron flew right over our heads.

Sunday night - Another showing this time with less then an hours notice. So we headed to our favourite spot at TRU and came across a herd of deer. There were seven of them scattered on top of a ridge; I took this one shot without the flash and then we just sat back and enjoyed the show.

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barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while (so nutty busy with the show)

I l o v e the picture of the deer!!

And you're moving!!??