Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A room of my own

The studio is finally done and last night I started filling the shelves with some of my favourite stuff; things that inspire me and remind me of my travels and happy times.

As you can see my post office cubbies are still empty and so are the dressers.

Haven't had time to hang anything on the walls.

The window seat cushions have been hastily covered with old rice bags (which are in mint condition) but you can't see them because all my scrapbooking supplies are in the way.

My wonderful Janome  is sitting atop an old table which I have had for at least thirty years. I think it is time for a new table.

My cutting table was put to use tonight; sadly the first thing I created in my new space is a sympathy card for a co-worker who just lost her husband this morning after a lengthy illness.

I will be making another sympathy card during the week as another co-worker's mother passed away.

It felt really good to be in my own space and I know that today it was a sympathy card but tomorrow I could be creating a baby quilt.

1 comment:

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

what a wonderful spacious space!

I'm sure a lot of creativity will come out of it.

And lucky you to see M. Atwood, monotone and all. Zombies and metaphors...well...

the Canada geese pictures look great but it looks cold too

have a great weekend