Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blue ribs

For this special Sunday I made Blue Velvet Cake frosted with the Best Icing ever! The cake recipe is from addapinchdotcom and the frosting recipe was featured on the pioneer woman. Both are keepers.
Mr. Cowboy loves ribs so I cooked up a batch for him using a new recipe from Sunset magazine. A dry rub of fennel seeds and herbs is rubbed into the ribs (actually quite fun) and then chilled for 24 hours. Roasted on low heat for 2 hours, the house smells great, and the ribs are so tasty that we will never order out again. Sorry, Montana.

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barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I grew up with those little pink floral dishes!
And later on those green ones were in our house (although I loved the rose ones better)

everything looks scrumptious as usual.
Have a happy long weekend