Saturday, January 31, 2009


Had another skiff of snow last night, just enough to make the roads icy but we still managed to go out for breakfast and get our supplies for the day. Ran into some friends at the market so by the time we got home we had to have second breakfast. Mixed up the pizza dough recipe from Jamie Oliver and while that was rising I practised my hair cutting skills on two willing victims. They are still speaking to me so all is well. Sorted two bags of buttons and managed to fill a bowl with mother-of-pearl ones-that made me very happy.
For dinner everyone made their own pizza-this is not even close to the pizza we had in Italy or the great pizza I had growing up but we all enjoyed this version-everyone seemed to linger at the table just a little bit longer, lots to talk about and crusts to share.


Patricia Gray said...

Yummm, those pizzas look delicous!

Anonymous said...

how was the crust? i had problems when i tried out his recipe.