Sunday, January 18, 2009

Something new

I have always loved the process of designing something on paper; figuring out dimensions, what kind of wood to use, and how to finish the project. I have never regretted taking a joinery pre-app program, and even though I never worked toward my ticket, the skills I learnt have served me well. Valodya and I make a great woodworking team. Sometimes all it takes is for me to show him a picture in a magazine or the Sundance catalogue, and days or weeks later he will present me with his creation.
This latest project was made with scrap wood, recycled dowels, and a water-based finish. The only thing we had to buy was the pulley system.
I love my new clothes airer.


Anonymous said...

hey anna, this is so inventive! good for you!

well, you know how we were talking about blog giveaways? i decided to do one of my own!

Jackie said...

Thanks for your comment.I think I might have chickened out at one time in my life but I'm bolder now I'm older! I've had a quick look through your blog and am enjoying it. I didn't know which post to comment on so I chose this because we have a clothes airer that wa shere before we moved in 23 years ago. The poles are all bent and warped and they slide through a metal hanger so sometime sthey drop out! I wouldn't be without it.