Sunday, January 10, 2010

Books, flowers and camera

I have always loved to read and that is one thing that will never change about me. My bookshelves are crammed with books that I have read and enjoyed and with some that I have never read but thought that I should have a copy because it's on a list of the 100 books you must read or else you are wasting your time. Books like 'Ulysses' by James Joyce or 'The portrait of a lady' by Henry James or 'Middlemarch' by George Eliot. I am hoping to read these books one day but there are so many new ones that it is hard to choose. I just finished reading 'A tree grows in Brooklyn' by Betty Smith and I loved it. Also 'Julie and Julia' by Julie Powell which was a great read. Nick Hornby is always good. 'After River' by Canadian Donna Milner was the kind of book you just want to read in one sitting. And then someone recommends a book and even though you know what kinds of books this person reads, you ignore that and read the book anyways and regret it but you can't quit because you are halfway through so you carry on and vow never to read Debbie Macomber ever again.
On a lighter note, this is amaryllis # 3. Her name is Florence (yes, after the city in Italy) and she is the loveliest shade of red. Two blooms have opened up and two more are still curled up but by the time she makes her debut at the library on Tuesday, they should all be unfurled.
These are the first images taken with my new camera, a Canon Powershot SX200IS with 12X optical zoom. It is a lot bigger then my other digital and I just love it. Plus it is made in Japan. Bonus.


- Suzie - said...

This morning I was standing in front of my book shelve and asked my self: do I really need all these books ? Paper bag books that I will not read twice? I also have books "in stock", eg. "Ulysses" like you! Just in case, I run out of books... but all these dictionaries... now we have google etc.

Anyway, funny to see you like the same kind of books - and I have photographed my amaryllis flower which is white.

Where do you plan to go in Italy?

best regards
suzie from palazzo pizzo

abby jenkins said...

you inspired me to finish a few books I have hanging around....if only I could stay up longer when I finally get a change to read right before bed!

Suzanne said...

i think i have about two full shelves of books i haven't read yet!
and i love nick hornby.
i also got stuck reading a book recommended by a friend - lonesome dove - ugh. i made it half way and then had to give up.