Monday, March 29, 2010

Cowboys, quilts, and poutine

A good weekend for us always starts with breakfast at Cowboy Coffee. Mr Cowboy had his usual but I tried something totally different as it was more brunch then breakfast by the time we got going. The newest offering in the glass case was a Little Hawaiian Melt made on the thinnest bread I have ever seen. A thick, juicy slice of pineapple on grilled chicken with mozza, romaine lettuce, bacon, and a touch of mayo were a perfect combo.

To burn off all those calories, I paid a visit to my favourite junque store. Found a great quilt top in the flower garden pattern. I now have two found quilt tops that I will work on and donate to a worthwhile cause.

Yes, we ate lunch, a very late lunch. Poutine is always nice on a busy weekend when no one feels like cooking.

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