Monday, March 1, 2010

Muffin quilting

My sewing machine is sitting right there on the kitchen table so this morning after feasting on these wonderfully rich and healthy blueberry bran muffins from the June 2007 issue of Bon Appetit I managed to finish quilt #2 for Daughter #1. This has been a fun and environmentally conscious project. I used quite a few of Maura's old t-shirts to make this warm and memory-laden blanket.
The hardest part of this project was finding the blankets. The only size I could find were twins so I bought two and of course they are 100% cotton. To finish the edges I used different coloured twill tape in all different sizes and then quilted some of the squares to stabilize the fabric. Have already started on TG's quilt and it is huge.

This is in answer to a question about the kitchen mitts that I made. Every year I make a new cover. I am still using the original mitts which are store bought, and the new cover goes over the old one. So these mitts have eight years worth of covers on them - they are getting bulky but I sure don't feel the heat when I'm using them.

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Suzanne said...

what a great idea for the quilt! :)