Monday, May 2, 2011

Found the Lost Moose

For our anniversary dinner this year, we decided to try the Lost Moose Lodge. It is an ear popping, white knuckle, on the edge 10 km drive up a mountain road with spectacular views of the city.

We arrived early so we took in the views and then walked down the road looking for the moose but had no luck.
It was freezing cold, howling wind, and it started to rain. Tried to huddle around the wood stove but apparently someone forgot to light the fire.

When the doors finally opened, we were the only two in the place. The tables are made of huge rounds of wood. There is a moose head above the enormous fireplace, the bar is made from a tree felled in half, and every so often the model train makes its way around the lodge on the tracks situated above the windows. Our dinner was cooked outside on the wood fired grill; Jack Daniels Baby Back Ribs for me and Cordon Bleu for Mr.Cowboy (Lost Moose Lasagna was his first choice but it wasn't ready). A great place to celebrate another memorable year!

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