Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swan day

A walk along the river seemed like such a good idea until we got down to the park, the wind so strong that Mr. Cowboy acted as my windbreak and tripod as I took all these photos. But the wind burnt cheeks, frozen hands, and runny noses (with no tissues) was all worth it. The geese were the first signs of life we saw on the frozen section of the river.
As we got closer to the beach, we could hear the screeching and screaming of dozens of crows chasing a bald eagle. We watched mesmerized as the murder of crows and flocks of ducks and geese filled the sky with their aerial acrobatics.
When the airshow was over, we walked down to the beach and stood quietly watching the swans glide past.

In the park, Canada Geese everywhere happily munching away on the grass.
A walk and a show!

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koralee said...

It does look cold...but beautiful. Thank you for visiting me the other your blog! Such wonderful photos.