Friday, August 31, 2012

Lucky number 13

I dropped off my tote bag today at Findlay's; mine was the 13th bag entered in the charity auction to benefit the food bank and Habitat for Humanity. The public votes for their favourite bag and the person whose tote gets the most votes wins a Brothers sewing machine.

For my tote bag I chose to make it using plain canvas-like cotton. I stencilled the back with an off-white fabric paint. Really like how that turned out. For the front I used three colours, outlined the stencil with embroidery thread and added buttons to the centers.

The butterfly print I used for the lining is one of my favourites. Went crazy with the pocket and used a paisley cotton from my scrap bag. When the lady at the store looked at my bag she said she liked the inside better then the outside. I had no response to that.

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