Thursday, November 20, 2008

Acorn memories

Acorns have a special place in my heart so you can imagine the memories that flashed through my mind when I found these two acorn caps and a note on my desk at work the other day.
I was seven, visiting my Nonni in Italy, and to keep me busy I was given a pail and told to collect acorns which were fed to the pig. I just have to look at an acorn and I am seven once more. I have my pail as I run down the steps, past the fountain, and cross the road. I remember the swirling fog, I remember the huge oak tree, and I remember the sound the acorns made as I filled the pail.
Acorns have a special place in my heart and so does the person who left these two acorn caps on my desk. Thank you.

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Sabina said...

What a sweet post!! It's always the simplest of gifts!!