Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lost and found

So happy to have my camera back and working like new again thanks to Dani and Nathan. And what a surprise to find pictures that I had taken when I went to the coast, pictures I thought I had lost forever when I dropped my camera.

Maillardville-where I bought my very first pottery bowl. It has survived being boxed and moved many times and we still use it to this day.

Love walking along the ocean.

Whenever we cross the bridge, I always take a
picture of this tree.

Can you see the horse?


On the island, a famous relic from my hometown.

This was the last picture I took on the island just before I dropped my camera. Yes, I'm glad I did.


Sammuz Aran said...
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Yo_Dios said...

Holas muy impresionante las fotos, muy bueno lo q propones...

Woa.. that pictures are Beautifull!
Very Nice! Cris