Sunday, November 2, 2008

Country weekend

Everywhere I looked as we travelled down to the ranch, was a photo op. The fall colours, the horses, the cows and calves, the piles and piles of pumpkins and the mirror-like lakes.
The slow drive up the mountain is still the same, bumpy but at every turn you are rewarded with a breath-taking vista of the valley. As we turn off the main road, the deer look up briefly and then go back to their grazing; they've seen us before.
It's been awhile so I've forgotten a few things. I forgot that you can see all the stars up here. I forgot that it is so quiet you can actually hear your own thoughts.I forgot how beautiful fog is.

The cabin is warm, our dinner is wholesome, and the company is enjoyable. As I gaze around the cabin, I marvel at the skill and workmanship that has gone into the making of this home on the hill. There have been many changes since our last visit, but the warmth and conviviality are ever present.
The next morning, as we head down the mountain, we stop at the first cattle guard and turn to have a last look; the fog is thick but we can still 'see' the cabin, the outdoor fireplace with the grape vine clinging to the chimney, the apple tree, the old outhouse, and on the front porch a lone figure waving goodbye.

A has recommended the fair trade coffee shop in RC, and we are not disappointed. The coffee is great but the coconut flour brownies are the best I have ever tasted.

We had planned on visiting Blue Mountain Winery and stocking up for the winter but it was closed. But we did not go away empty handed- the view from the parking lot made me want to pitch a tent and stay.
In Keremeos, I stopped in at my favourite Antiques shop. I admired many things, the china bluebird vase, the miniature cedar boxes, the Japanese hand painted teacup, the lovingly embroidered samplers, the Italian vase, but did not take any home with me. As we drove off, I was reminded of a quote that A had copied from somewhere, and now I cannot remember the exact quote, but basically, 'happiness in life is not striving to get more, but enjoying life with less.'
These two cheery blue chairs; yes, they are still in front of the shop in Keremeos.

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Catherine said...

Ah what lovely photos.
Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you can post photos of your bedroom re-do when its done!