Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heart # 7

Wood is good. I found that out many years ago when I was a stay-at-home Mom. I could handle a jigsaw, a plane, a chisel, even a tablesaw if need be. Made my own templates from cardboard-hearts, tulips, horses, cows, and even rabbits. Sanding was the one thing I did not care for but it had to be done. Once I mastered the simple shapes I moved on to cradles, benches, pegboards and even picture frames. After doing a few craft fairs, I started selling at two local shops so that kept me very busy. But once we moved away from the Big City to a small town where everyone had a woodshop, I stopped working with wood and would only fire up the jigsaw for a gift or a custom order.
All over the house are reminders, like these two wooden heart shelves, that I was able to stay home and nurture both my girls and my creative self.

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Tonia said...

neat idea! you'll be a busy blogger all feb.
I see you snuck into my room to snap the latest heart photo... ;P