Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart and soul # 14

Today was a wonderful day even though I'm still fighting off a cold and I had to work. We had breakfast at our favourite coffee shop. I filled my candy bowl at work with chocolate hearts for everyone. And it was quite a busy day but most people were in a good mood. During my lunch hour I had a quick walk in the sunshine and had time to visit Vivienne's Boutique; found a beautiful red and white tea towel and a Canadian flag made of linen from Hungary.
The wonderful aroma that greeted me when I walked in the door reminded me of Italia. Maura made a lasagna so saucy and cheesy that we could barely speak as we ate our Valentine dinner.
She used chicken to flavour her sauce and lots of parsley plus the onions were left whole just like my Mom does when she makes tomato sauce. And yes she even made dessert; lemon squares to enjoy later while we watch our Saturday night movie- Mamma Mia. I said today was wonderful but it would have been perfect if TG could have been here with us.

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Sabina said...

Sounds wonderful!!