Monday, April 27, 2009

More pictures

A beautiful fountain at our favourite nursery, Il Giardino.

A quick stop at one of our favourite wineries for a few bottles of red.
Love olive trees.
This is the bucolic scene at the trailhead.
One of the many flower displays around the village.
New baskets at Il Giardino.
Summerland Library
Now this is a screen door.
The morning we left we had breakfast at the Bench and this is the view we enjoyed across the road.
Had an exhilarating walk on the trail Sunday morning.

Every house is 'on the edge of a vineyard'.
A quiet spot to rest and enjoy the quiet.

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ZenCrafter said...

Ooh, I'm in love with your trail! I've been to Victoria, and it's heaven on earth. You're very lucky to live in BC!