Sunday, August 23, 2009


A beautiful day for a Sunday drive. Our first stop was Tobiano. The view of the lake is fantastic.

We have been to Horsting's Farms many times but they are now under new ownership and we could tell as soon as we turned off the highway and crossed the bridge. The place was a lot quieter then how we remember it - no farm workers to be seen, no one riding around on a forklift, and no dogs sleeping in the shade. Not even a bin of watermelons or cantalopes or tomatoes sitting by the bakery door. We did have lunch outside - the sandwiches were piled high and good tasting.

Valodya really liked the apple trees - they are not the twenty footers that he remembers picking from when he was a teenager. These would be quite easy to work on.

You cannot go to the farm without bringing home a fresh apple pie and some bread and some buns and some peaches. Love Sunday drives.


Greet said...

Thank you Anna for the comment on my blog!
I'm happy to have discovered your blog!
That view on the lake! Unbelievable beautiful!


Italo said...

What a nice place! I like farms, the smell, the atmosphere!
PS: It's your apple pie? You made it? It looks DELICIOUS!
Anna I hate a have now make a second breakfast, mouth is watering. :D