Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labour Day long weekend

This is Maura's t-shirt quilt, a quilt that has been a year in the making. It took me quite a while to find just the right blanket for the backing. It had to be cotton and it had to feel good. The only size I could find was a twin blanket so I bought two because Maura has lots of t-shirts. The t-shirt squares are pinned on and I have basted the cotton twill tape over all the edges. This is a labour of love.
As a little reward for getting so much done on the quilt, I whipped up my favourite pesto recipe using the basil from the farmers market. I mixed walnuts and pecans, added extra parmiggiano and lots of olive oil. It was a hit at dinner.
Our beautiful rain barrel was overflowing this morning so we did not need to water the garden. Just had to grab a bowl and fill it with golf ball sized squash, celery, tomatoes, and cukes.
We tried cantaloupe for the first time this year; we have three babies and they look really cute but we will not be enjoying our own melons this time.
The celery went crazy and it tastes wonderful. Somebody mentioned that they were going to make Ceasars - can't wait.
Our turkey stir-fry consisted of veggies from the market or from our own garden.
Yellow beans from Rock Creek - so good and so simple to prepare. Cooked until al dente, added garlic, salt, fresh parsley, and olive oil. Serve cold with vinegar.

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Italo said...

I'm not so intelligent. I visit your blog each day, when I have to prepare the lunch. Every day because of you my mouth is watering. Pasta al pesto argh!