Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sharing the bounty

Good news - we had some rain last night which helped the forest fire situation a little but along with that much needed moisture we also got thunder and lightning. The dogs in the neighbourhood were howling their heads off during the storm.

Was awakened this morning by a long distance call - Maura is doing well and slowly settling in to her apartment and teaching routine in Korea.

Great start to the day. By midday things didn't look too good. Went out for a walk and when I came back I discovered that a friend had sent all sorts of fruits and vegetables from her farm. The goodness of sharing - that is what I will remember about today.

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sinnlighet said...

Nice nice to meet you, and thank you soooo mutch fore nice comments.

We live on the same world but your life seems so fantastic differently & exotic!!

Regards from Sweden & Agneta