Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I tried

Whenever we go to our favourite coffee shop, Cowboy Coffee, I always order the same thing - a coffee cake streusel muffin that has an extra large top lightly covered with a tooth- achingly sweet milk glaze. I usually eat the bottom of the muffin first and save the top for later, but I can never wait that long so I end up eating the top in the car with the rest of my coffee.

So, today I tried to re-create in my kitchen the beloved streusel muffin. I followed the recipe as set out (I can't remember where I copied the recipe from) but even as I was filling the muffin cups and sprinkling the streusel over top, I knew that these were not the ones. There are no mention of oats in this recipe and after baking they did not even brown at all. After trying a couple of muffins, my taste-tester said that he liked them. Nothing goes to waste here - the muffins are in the freezer and the recipe is in the paper recycling bin.

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