Thursday, October 22, 2009

White quilt

This photo does not even come close to capturing what awaited us this morning as we stepped out our front door. I only had time for one quick shot - I stood in between the neighbours cedars looking east, the sun burnishing the mountains to a gold-peach colour. The thick white fluffy quilt of clouds made the city down below disappear - it almost seemed as if you could walk across to the golden hills. Very tempting on a workday.


Italo said...

very nice and very evocative, anna. :) have a sweet week end.

Tonia said...

Gorgeous! I remember it being exactly like that when I walked to school one day along Springhill. Looking down it was like the whole city had disappeared and instead there was a white lake. I kept thinking, maybe the school won't be there... :P

Brabourne Farm said...

Beautiful photo! Leigh