Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coming home pictures

The morning we left it was drizzling but at the coffee shop in the village we were greeted by pots of sunshine.

Another favourite stop on our way home is Il Giardino. I wandered through all the greenhouses admiring the hanging baskets, ran my fingers over all the different mosses, and checked out all the lavender pots.

The Country Store in Hedley has become another of our favourite stops. The store dates to 1904 and there is no prettier building in town.
This is the junk store in Hedley which I did not have a chance to check out - something to look forward to on our next trip.

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Mandarine D'Italie said...

Loving settings! Hope you will get the chance to visit that fabolous looking shop on your netx trip, it looks stunning! Oh lovely that you are going to Italy in September, if you need any advice just let me know - if I can help! Ciao and have a nice week-end!