Saturday, May 8, 2010

New fillers for my holes

My obsession with earrings started when I was about a year old; that is when I got my ears pierced. But when I grew up, I had a second set of holes put in; just another reason to buy more earrings. I will buy earrings just about anywhere - a vendor selling on the street corner, a hospital giftshop, the farmers market, Italy, of course, from a friend who crafts them from pine needles, the thrift store, our favourite truckstop on the freeway, and believe it or not, a winery.
Silver is my metal of choice but I do have a few made from that wonderful Italian gold. Mother-of-pearl, abalone, amber, recycled glass, wood, pine needles, thread, crystals, pearls, amethyst, and buttons have all dangled from my ears at one point or another.
But yesterday a package arrived with a special pair of earrings. Handmade by a wonderful artist, Nina Bagley, they are a combination of some of my favourite things. I may not have the latest styles in clothes but my ears will always look good with these babies.

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