Sunday, May 2, 2010

Souvlaki anniversary

What better place to celebrate an Italian-Russian union then at a Greek taverna. After the disaster of last years anniversary dinner at "the Best Italian restaurant in Penticton" (Villa Rosa) we decided to try Theo's once again even though our first visit there was not enjoyable, to say the least. But we did recall that the food was good.
So this time we went early and ordered our food to go. The place was empty except for one table so while we waited we sat by the patio and toasted the day with a glass of red and some crusty bread with olive oil dip.

We were only at Theo's for about an hour but it was so relaxing to be able to sit back on the cushioned bench and enjoy the quiet and the special details - the fig plant touching the ceiling, the polished pine steps, the mismatched espresso cups, the terra cotta tiles, the luscious rosemary plants, and the old wood doors that welcome everyone into this slice of Greece right here in BC.

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