Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Around town

This was a great store - furniture/coffee shop. I'm hoping to duplicate the above frame; the top part is a mini blackboard and the rest is chicken wire with clothes pegs hanging from twine. What a great idea for a message board.
We toured an artists studio and even though the art was breathtakingly beautiful, what caught my eye was the old quilt that one of the artists' mother-in-law had made for her years ago.
At the craft fair what I would have liked to buy was not for sale. Isn't this chair awesome?
This was a blanket covering one of the tables at the craft fair.

My pictures of some of the squares from the quilt to celebrate Rupert's 100th birthday do not do justice to the intricate details and fine workwomanship that went into this amazing piece of artwork. My favourite squares - the Pagoda (they used to make the best chow mein buns ever) and the square depicting the women working in the fishplant. That one brings to mind many great memories.

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Tonia said...

okay, this quilt is so beautiful it made me cry. My favourite is the boat, what amazing detail! Let's watch How to make an American Quilt when we're all at home...