Monday, June 20, 2011

Before and after

This is the 'before' picture of one of the couch pillows. Note the artistic stitchery and the wonderful shade of mud puddle brown. The other side is even more hideous so I am sparing everyone by not showing it here on my tasteful blog.
And here, after just over an hour in the sewing room, the ugly pillow has been transformed using a beautiful Naramata linen.
The back panel was a lot of fun to design. One section is cut from a vintage halter top, the embroidered flowers echoing the flower motif on the front of the pillow. The striped fabric is from my quilting cotton stash and the button panel is cut from one of Mr. Cowboy's old shirts. Makes it so easy to remove the pillowcase for washing.


Italo said...

Brava Anna!

Stephanie said...

Beauty! I love how you take something a little loved and tuen it into this beautiful artistic creation. I want to make a quilt. Am thinking that you should teach me in your wonderful spare time! Thanks for the message on the machine, by the way. Perhaps we can do lunch one day soon and catch up. Lots of love Mrs. R. Stephanie