Sunday, June 26, 2011

Three days, three recipes

I agree with Gwyneth when she says that cookbooks are for ideas and then you need to make it your own. Which is exactly what Mr. Cowboy did with a Rachel Ray recipe from her Big Orange Book. On Friday night he made Italian Nachos; he rightly omitted the bay leaf but added lots of basil and parsley right out of the garden. What made this so good was the smoked scamorza cheese,nothing else will do.

Mr. Cowboy really kicked it up a notch Saturday night with his rendition of Lemon Chicken Scaloppine. Made his own bread crumbs with Squirrelly bread and again with lots of fresh basil plus a good squeeze of lemon juice. This recipe is from The Oprah Magazine Cookbook from Chef Rory Trovato.

Sunday mornings the kitchen is all mine so I decided to give pancakes a rest and try something a little fancier. Given that I was still half asleep and had not had a coffee yet, I did not follow the directions in the recipe so we were very surprised that these muffins turned out as good as they did. These Sour Cream Maple Walnut Muffins are attributed to Chef Tom Bivins from The Oprah Magazine Cookbook.

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