Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hockey biscuits

At 4:28 I made my escape hoping no one would notice. I hurried across the courtyard and breathed a sigh of relief; no security guard to impede my getaway. As I turned the corner into the alley I quickened my pace, happy to see Mr. Cowboy, engine idling like a Clyde waiting for his Bonnie. Through alleys and deserted streets, we made it back to our hideout with just enough time to uncork some red to enjoy with our linguini as we watched the Canucks hammer the Bruins.
To celebrate another great win by the Canucks, I made a triple batch of my award winning blueberry biscuits for our brunch this morning.

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Stephanie said...

Love your blog! Pictures and words are spun together in such a beautiful medley. Have a wander down to the Art We Are sometime this week, Take a peek in the window and tell me what you think of my merchandising skills. As you, Mrs. R, are a featured artist this month. :) xoxo S