Sunday, June 24, 2012

Demolition pie and a bag

The dismantling of our kitchen has begun; these pine shelves made by Mr. Cowboy were the first to come down. They are now in storage because ugly cabinets are going to be installed on this wall.

The wall had to be mudded and sanded and now all I have to do is pick a white paint.

But even though the kitchen is coming down, tools scattered all over the place, and everything is being packed up, I still found time to make a birthday pie for you know who.

This pie was so juicy that now I have to add 'clean oven ' to my to do list.

While it is noisy and dusty upstairs, it is calm and peaceful in my sewing room. So while Mr. Cowboy removed screws and nails from the kitchen cabinets, I finally finished another napkin bag. I love the oak leaf pattern on these napkins.
To brighten it up I used one of my favourite quilting cottons with a heart pattern which I also used on the inside.

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