Sunday, March 22, 2015

LA LA Land-part four

On Sunday we explored Belmont Shore; lots of neat shops. Had lunch at KC Branaghan's Irish Pub. Then crossed the bridge to the island of Naples and walked along Mother's Beach; wrong place to beachcomb.

On Monday we did the cheesy tour of LA; the Coliseum was our first stop.

The Melrose Gate is where all the stars enter and exit Paramount Pictures Studios.

Found my truck in LA.

Finally saw some of our favourite stars.

We were late getting back to the bus because we had to get a picture of this star.

Tom Cruise's house; does it remind you of anything from World War Two ?

Leonardo Di Caprio's hotel-The Standard.

Had a great lunch at Mel's Diner; notice the hotel-ware platter. This is what I have been collecting all these years.

Santa Monica.
Our last stop was Venice; no comparison whatsoever to the real thing. But if you want a tattoo, medicinal marijuana, a T-shirt with Arnie's face on it, or a container full of sliced cukes or mangos, then this is the place for you.

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