Friday, April 30, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head

You go down a road you've never been before, a horse quietly munching away makes you stop. All you can hear is the wind, some birds, and the sound of grass being ripped out of the ground.
He pays no attention to me at all, never raising his head to see what I am doing or how close I'm getting. It's spring and there is new grass to enjoy and that is all he is thinking about.
Our favourite part of the day - a walk through the village. The creek is running swift and brown, tulips everywhere we look, and the magnolias are drooping in the rain, their wax-like petals strewn about the ground in pink and white piles.
An empty lot with the remains of someone's garden - the clusters of tulips enduring even though there is nothing left of the home. We pause in the rain and wonder.
Down by the lake, the firepit is waterlogged, the benches wet and lonely.
The newly painted chairs patiently wait for a sunny day, a day of relaxed conversation while the world walks by.

At the play school we spot three peacocks perched on the porch railing, having heard their cry even before we saw them. Dozens of quails bustling about from one side of the road to the other. Ducks in the park enjoying the downpour.
A walk in the rain does not dampen our spirits, it actually has the opposite effect if you take the time to observe all that benefit from the warm spring shower.

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