Wednesday, November 3, 2010

La bella Italia plus TO

With over 500 photos to organise, I decided to try and do some theme posts. My camera does not do justice to the plants and trees in Italy but I have posted them anyways. Above is a shot of Saint Michaels on St Clair in Toronto.
A pot of lantana near the end of the trail to Vernazza, Cinque Terre.
Huge agave on the Via del'Amore, Cinque Terre.
Olive tree gifted to Peggy Guggenheim by Yoko Ono, Venezia.
Chili pepper bouquets, Venezia.
Prickly pear in a pot, Caira.

Cyclamen along the road to Caira.
The stately umbrella pine, Roma.
Many chili pepper plants at the Botanical Gardens, Firenze.
I could not resist taking shots of pergolas. This one in Bagno Reggio.
Fancy hotel in Bagno Reggio.
The greenery in Civita di Bagno Reggio (the city that is dying) certainly looked alive and well to me.
Balconies are so romantic.
Even the simplest homes are decked out in pots and pots of flowers.
Olive tree in a pot at my favourite church - Sant'Angelo, Perugia.
Orvieto - what did I say about balconies?
Orvieto - this was a feast for the eyes on the way to the funiculare.
Casperia, Lazio - I walked by this house several times every day of our week long stay. I could not believe the size of these blooms. Guess what I'm going to try growing next year?

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